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Updated 30/01/2023

Driver kits - update 23cm now obsolete

The LDMOS device PD85004 as used in my and 23cm 3W driver board kits is now obsolete and no stock has been available anywhere for around 3years. I therefore am no longer selling 23cm kits.
I now have kits for 70cm using an alternative device in the same package, with just a few minor changes to the design. The new device has slightly lower gain than the old device at 70cm, requiring around +14dBm (without the 3dB input attenuator) to produce 3 Watts Psat.
The new device is just not capable of operating at 23cm with any significant gain or output power, and  have been unable to find a suitable replacement.
I have  put the 23cm kit info on Github with my other "retired" designs at.
I've included a copy of the original article, and build guides, Eagle board and schematic files, plus Gerber files for the PCB. Enjoy
My RSGB Convention 2022 presentation "GHz Bands EME from a “challenging”
location" is now available as a PDF download on the Dowloads page.

 My RSGB Convention 2015 and 2016 presentations, "A deeper understanding of meteor scatter" and "Moving up to 23cms" are on the RSGB Youtube channel 

 The UKuG Backscatter book is  now downloadable from



GHz Bands Operation from G4BAO

I'm QRV on 10GHz EME and 1.3,3.4 and 24GHz terrestrial .

On EME I use a Homebrew 25W PA and a 1.2m dish with a Chaparal feed  


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