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Welcome to G4BAO's Amateur Radio Website

Updated 13/042021

Driver kits - Sorry No Stock until end July

The LDMOS device is currently on long leadtime from all suppliers

There is now a searchable pdf of my PhD thesis on Meteor Burst from 1990 on the "About me" page of this website  

G4BAO 45W 23cm PA is now public domain

I have decided not to restock these kits so the designs are made available at


Copy and paset the above URL in to your browser

under an MIT licence. I've included a copy of the original article, Eagle board and schematic files, plus Gerber files for the PCB. Enjoy

 My RSGB Convention 2015 and 2016 presentations, "A deeper understanding of meteor scatter" and "Moving up to 23cms" are on the RSGB Youtube channel 


The UKuG Backscatter book is  now downloadable from



GHz Bands Operation from G4BAO

I'm QRV on 23cm terrestrial and EME - my  favourite GHz band, with 400 Watts to a 44 element Wimo Yagi.

On EME I use a SM6FHZ 23cm circular polarised patch feed  to my RFHam design 1.9m dish and run 250 Watts 

Not QRV on 13cms terrestrial as I've got the 50/70MHz Yagi on the mast instead, but I'm still QRV on 3.4 10 and 24GHz plus 2.3, 2.32, 5.7 and 10GHz EME  


NEW!!! Experimental G4BAO Club log search (160m-13cm only) 

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Waterbeach in the Winter Floods


                The river Cam at  Waterbeach


             Sunset over Waterbeach




Oliver is not a kitten anymore!







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