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Before you read on, please be aware that these projects are not for beginners. They assume that the reader has a reasonable amount of technical knowledege, and has access to some test equipment. They are not finished "RadCom constructional articles," they are more a description of what I have done, and a way to stimulate other people to have a go.

While I'm happy to give a certain amount of email support, I do this for love, kudos and fame, not for money. If you want more detailed help I have a consultancy fee!

Dr. JohnCW August 2008   

  A 34Watt 3400 MHzs PA using Surplus Ionica units. - Part 1

There have been a number of surplus Ionica base station units available on the surplus market recently.  A number of people have used the 15 Watt Power Amplifiers individually (notably GM4ISM), but I have not seen designs where two or more have been combined to give higher power. Here is what I did with mine.









































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