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A 9cm to 2m transverter using an Ionica receive converter and the "big board"

  The "big board"

If Ionica did anything useful it must have been to provide a wonderful supply of surplus bits for Amateurs. Their base station contains an awesome single PCB which contains 3 complete double conversion transmit strips, and bucket loads of other useful parts. I last saw these boards for sale at a Rally for a 1-00 each! 

This project produces a transverter with around a 3.5dB noidse figure and an output of around 5 mW. enough to drive the Ionica PAs

It requires the following

One Ionica "big board, 

One  Ionica receiver unit,  (see GM4ISM's site)

One dual output, crystal oscillator / multiplier.  Using a 90.444444MHz crystal x9   to 814MHz then x3 to 2442MHz,

1 GHz rated coax relay

a 958MHz SAW or helical filter

Power supplies  +/-12, +10V

A hacksaw

System Block Diagram






























































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